Circular route of Mallos de Riglos

photo mallos de riglos

Circular route of Mallos de Riglos

Wake up in the morning and see “Los Mallos” as a first view is a gift that Armalygal offers, but hiking through this formations is the best way to discover this wonder.

There are several hikes regarding its length and difficulty. In this post we will show the most popular and accessible: “EL CAMINO DEL CIELO”.

We can start this hike from the campsite itself adding 45 minutes to reach the village of Riglos, and of course 45 minutes to come back .

You can also go directly with our car to Riglos and start from there.

Description: From the last parking place in Riglos, located in front of the “Refugio de Riglos” We will leave towards calle virgen del mallo ( continue driveway and cross the village) until we take a gravel road that will place us at the foot of the mallo pisón. Once there we can observe the  impressive overhanging 300 meters of this big wall.

Following the obvious path that zig-zags up the “ circo de verano” a big amphitheater formed between the main group of Mallos and the isolated Mallo Pisón. We will follow the blue signed path until we get the pass that separe this formations. Just in the pass there is a cross with the possibility of going towards Escalete or continue the circular going straight until we reach a nice meadow with a former shepherd hut, a perfect place to make a stop and enjoy the views of the Ventuso viewpoint .

Taking the well-defined path that goes toward east we will arrive at a detour in which we can choose to continue along the Solano path and to make the big circular or to descend towards a gravel road ( GR1) that will lead us back to Riglos. We should take this last option leaving at our right hand the mallo Colorado, the first of the “ mallos pequeños” (small formations and needles apart from the main group) That path is steep and has quite loose stones and pebbles so we should pay attention during the descent.





Once in the GR1 we will arrive to riglos in 10 minutes.

We recommend to avoid this activity during the hottest part of the day, specially in summer, there is no so much shade. Be careful with the descent