Armalygal is located in the heart of legendary landscapes and due to its diversity, its multitude of colors, its originality and its beauty, it offers a wide range of emotions where everyone finds their pleasure.

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We are in a privileged place to observe the celestial dome. At the campsite it can be observed especially well from the sky camping area or from the restaurant area once they have closed and turned off their outdoor lights. You can also see the Mallos de Riglos in the background

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Planetario de Huesca:

Agrupación astronómica Huesca


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Do not forget to bring your binoculars to be able to observe the different types of birds that fly over us. Vultures, kites, bearded vultures, red-billed chough, Egyptian vulture, golden eagles or short-toed, among others.

Especialized centers

Centro Interpretación Santa Cilia de Panzano:


Wild nature, fauna, flora and geology

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The Kingdom of the Mallos is an area of high ecological and environmental value.


This type of geological formations called mallos are originated by the sedimentation of detrital alluviums that dragged the streams and glacial moraines towards the Ebro Depression for more than half a hundred million years, during the Alpine orogeny. Thus, sand, clay and Edges mixed forming large deposits that, over time, gave rise to the landscape that you can enjoy, for example, from the campsite.

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Huesca Naturaleza
Pablo Vallés:

ONG dedicada a la protección del río Gállego:

Romanesque art

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A monumental architecture that we are lucky to be able to visit very close. The Church of La Liena and San Salvador in Murillo de Gállego (300 meters), Church of Santiago y del Salvador in Agüero (5 km), Church of Santa Cruz in Riglos (10 km) or the Castle of Loarre (17 km) among others.

Guided Visits

Horarios visitas monumentos:

Castillo de Loarre:

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By yourself

Because the most important thing is you. Give yourself the pleasure of resting and enjoying hidden corners and little travelled. The nature here is beautiful.

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You can ask us at reception and we can advise you.

Adventure sports

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Always use the appropriate safety materials to do the sport you are passionate about and check the weather forecast.


Ask if there is any eventual change, do not forget that we are in nature.

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Deportes de aventura

Parque de aventura

​Paintball, láser combat y humor amarillo​

Barrancos (Jaca)



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From Armalygal in the middle of GR-1 you find yourself in the heart of some legendary landscapes that you can travel following the paths marked GR (white and red) and PR (white and yellow

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Rock climbing / Via ferrta

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The mountain is a changing environment and you need approved material in good condition and a helmet to carry out climbing.

In Mallos de Riglos, Peña Rueba or Mallos de Agüero you can climb on conglomerate  meanwhile  in Foz de Escalete you can do it on limestone.

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Empresas de aventura:

Alquiler material ferrata:


Bikefriendly | MTB

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Whatever your level in our environment, you will find suitable routes for you. The Reino de los Mallos Cycling Club has been created to bring together all those who practice this sport for free and a BTT centre is in the process of being created with the union of several  councils in the area.

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Alquiler de bicis y rutas guiadas en Murillo de Gállego:


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Come with your horse and stay camping or in our bungalows.

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horseback riding in Loarre:

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