From the beginning, Armalygal has committed to respecting and being part of the natural environment in which we live, transforming it as little as possible, offering a different way of traveling, without haste, moving away from the maelstrom of devouring destinations that characterizes mass tourism, serving as a bridge between those who live here and those who arrive. Teaching to taste the wonders that these mountains, fields and rivers hide while transmitting how delicate they are and the imperative need to preserve them. This essential Armalygal base, together with the creation and development of non-motorized activities, give rise to the current situation of what tourism is today in Murillo de Gállego. Thanks to the undertaking carried out in past years, today we can enjoy nature and a wide range of activities that can be experienced in it.

Armalygal, a traveler’s campsite, since its opening in 1991 decided to express itself under the concept of sustainable tourism when this concept was not yet known, which meant that it was difficult to find personnel for jobs and a continuous clash with the administration that was not contemplated this philosophy. Thus, the works begin with the artisans who remain in our village, discovering an ancestral Aragonese knowledge impregnated with Arab traces. Under a simple appearance, our bathrooms tell a history and a transmission of specific knowledge throughout the centuries since the Arab era as you can discover today if you look at the ceilings of our buildings and their sinks where you will find a part of this culture. You can’t see it but our sewer is also very special. ·30 years later, the team is done keen on sustainable tourism and our way of working understanding by the government.

Armalygal was the first sustainable company dedicated to tourism in Murillo de Gállego, over the years it left a part of its activities to be developed by other companies that were created later.

Having served as a precursor of active tourism in this part of the pre-Pyrenees, Armalygal followed his role of not wanting to monopolize these activities. In this way, at the end of 1999, the guided activities of climbing, canyons, bungee jumping, as well as horseback riding or MTB with VIVOAC ceased, giving way to other initiatives of people who came to live in the area so that they could develop and function. The search for synergies and business diversification is undoubtedly one of the key pieces for any sustainable tourism project that involves involving the majority of the local population and enabling the creation of other small businesses and associations.


Since 95 the gradual arrival of passionate young people attracted by a simple life, in contact with nature and under an incomparable setting to enjoy their passions has managed to repopulate Murillo and the surrounding villages.

Once again it is shown that a sustainable and respectful tourism practice with people can be a very valuable tool to fight against rural depopulation.

Continuing along this line, in 2000 it was decided to definitively close the campsite store, by the way, to promote the need to open one in the village; since its people came down here to buy. Today, and since 2016 after different failed attempts over the years, there is the Murillo Minimarket that not only opens during the summer season but also offers a place to shop for the inhabitants of Murillo throughout the year, improving the quality of life. At the same time, the La Peña bakery was opened, famous for its exquisite bread and fine pastries, offering professional opportunities to young people who want to recover the traditional profession of baker.

Our small campsite is located in the heart of a preserved nature in Murillo de Gállego. Out of respect for this area, we decided to minimize our impact on this wild beauty by using solar energy since 2010 to heat the water in our toilets, taking advantage of the few cloudy days that we have and with energy support from a pellet boiler. Today we provide sunlight for all the camping lighting and our reception thanks to our solar panels.

Armalygal, a sustainable Camping: a more humane form of socio-economic development

The Armalygal company allows its team and their families the luxury of living in this rural area throughout the year.

When you visit us, you participate in the social and economic development and rebirth not only of our village, Murillo de Gállego, but also of our environment. 

Thank you very much for allowing us to live in this wonderful place.


Why olive trees

Preserving what already exists, the Armalygal campsite since its inception in the 1990s has been conserving and respecting the centenary olive groves that once fed the inhabitants of the town of Murillo and that today give us shade in the area of camping.

You can also find almond and holm oaks typical of our region with a Mediterranean climate. Remember that the olive tree is a small tree and the shade it gives does not cover the entire plot. Attention to very tall motorhomes since we have less space for you.

water-sostenaible-natural resource

Reasonable consumption and no barbecue

We are in a dry region and we enjoy the sun almost every day of the year. Our soils are clayey and keeping them with grass out of the spring would go against our idea of ​​water management. We depend on the winter rainfall and the springs of our beloved town, we respect this precious asset that is WATER.

Our environment is fragile and in order to protect it by the autonomous law of Aragon, barbecues and any fire that generates embers is prohibited in outdoor off-road terrain, therefore also in the Camping.


Waste treatment

Under the same concept of environmentalism and out of respect for the treatment of our wastewater, we do not admit the discharge of the chemical toilet. The use of hygienic wet wipes is fatal for the environment but if you use them please throw them in the bin and not in the toilet where they do not fall apart.

Likewise, we do not put toilet paper in the bathrooms on purpose so that it can be used appropriately and reasonably.